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About Ishika S Nutrition 

I am a registered Nutritionist (ANutr) with a degree in Nutrition BSc (Hons) from King's College London. I am registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN). I specialise in weight loss, and muscle gain for adults, and pride myself in personalised, non-judgemental, patient centered care.

I am from London, and have had the pleasure to meet so many people from different backgrounds and walks of life, which has helped me to understand the differences in food habits and cultures and how this can influence a persons dietary habits. I make it a priority to get to know each of my clients, their preferences and lifestyle so that we can build a plan that genuinely works.

Coming from a family of healthcare professionals, it gives me immense satisfaction to help others achieve their goals, and be their happiest selves.


My approach 

I believe in personalised Nutrition; taking into account every client is different and will need a different approach. I work with you to find the best bespoke plan tailored to your lifestyle and dietary preferences, so that we can reach your goals faster. 

The way we eat has a profound effect on our mood, energy, and metabolism. I focus on changing habits so that my clients can still enjoy the food they love while seeing noticeable changes to their mind and body using only the highest level of scientific evidence.

My diet plans do not include restrictive dieting, FAD diets or quick fixes, as these often lead to weight re-gain after the diet becomes too difficult to keep up. Instead I opt for small sustainable changes that help you notice a difference to your body, energy and mood, and I empower you to make these changes last a lifetime. 

How to make a start 

Make a start by giving us a call and arranging a free 20 minute consultation so that we can get to know each other and devise a personalised health plan for you. 

My Qualifications 

I am a registered nutritionist (RNutr), registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN) with a degree in Nutrition BSc (Hons) from King's College London. 

I am trained in the Biology of Ageing, Clinical Nutrition, Eating Habits and Gut Health, and I have undergone NHS dietetic training in Kings College Hospital and Brent Cross Community Hospital.

Having graduated from a research-led institution, evidence-based practice is something I hold of utmost importance for the protection and benefit of my clients.

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