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Ishika Sharma

217, St John's Hill,


SW11 1TH




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"Ishika is a highly professional and knowledgeable Nutritionist. She has really helped me ensure I am getting the right nutrition to optimise post-op healing and wellbeing. Her post-session notes are clear and include lovely recipe suggestions. The regular goal setting is motivating. I highly recommend her services." - Emma Bull, google review 
"I have just had my second appointment with Ishika and it has really helped me think how I can improve my chances of losing weight and how to get fitter and healthier. I am very confident that with her help I will succeed.
I highly recommend her and I am very grateful for her help and her thorough consultations." - Isabel, google review 
"I had an incredibly insightful consultation with Ishika, who helped me build a specific diet plan for my needs that saved me countless hours of online research. She was very patient and took the time to answer all of my questions, and her structured goals were easily actionable. Her knowledge and professionalism instilled confidence that I was getting effective evidence-based advice." - Riyan M, google review 
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