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Wellness Plan 

Ongoing, bespoke support from a registered nutritionist 

o    Weekly Online Consultations 
o    Complete Health, Lifestyle and Dietary analysis
o    Personalised recipe suggestions 
o    Personalised Diet Plan updated each week 
o    Mid-week check ins via text and freedom to ask              questions in-between consultations
o    Mindfulness and Breath-work for intuitive eating 
o    Personalised exercise regime

o     Available worldwide

This membership is for you if you like the idea of having a health mentor you can message at any time to help you live life to the fullest, feeling healthy and happy.

Using only the most recent nutrition research, your nutritionist will help keep you on track and updated with your dietary, exercise and lifestyle goals. If you are visiting a restaurant and need help with what to order, or not sure if your portion sizes are correct, your nutritionist is just a text away. 

You will receive delicious, easy and bespoke recipe suggestions, as well as an exercise regime to help you reach your goals and sustain them. 



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